Science (11 Oct, 2007)
Computer Simulation Unveils Unexpected Process on the Surface of the Sun
Computer simulation showed an event not seen before on the surface of the sun: giant noise walls, moving across the surface with high velocity. ...
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Offbeat (05 May, 2007)
What words are most often frontpaged on digg?
A small experimental research with the most popular social network Digg.com. We tried to find which words are mostly used in digg story titles and which words have been mostly often frontpaged. ...
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Technology (20 Jul, 2010)
Samsung Mobile Display Creates Unbreakable AMOLED Screens
In two years the South Korean tech company Samsung Mobile Display looks forward to launch a new type of display with AMOLED plastic panel mounted on the universal board. ...
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Offbeat (09 Sep, 2011)
Typography Bicycle Frames Spell the Name of Their Owners
The typography bicycles created by Parisian designer Juri Zaech have their frame bent and painted to spell its owner's name. ...
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Technology (04 Apr, 2012)
Latest Invention: Fabric that Transmits Power and Data to Device Through Garments
A British firm called Intelligent Textiles, has recently presented its latest invention - a military uniform made of electrically conductive fabric that can transmit data and electricity. ...
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Technology (11 Apr, 2012)
Omega Presents New Spacemaster Z-33 Pilot Watch
The famous watch brand Omega has recently presented its latest watch model called Spacemaster Z-33. The timepiece features an inscription that reads Pilot Line and appears on the case. ...
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