Aggressive women

According to the recent research led by the University of Pittsburgh, the behavior of aggressive women is linked to the hormone serotonin. The low level of serotonin makes a woman behave in a more hostile and anxious manner, while the high level of serotonin improves a female's feelings of happiness and satisfaction. Moreover, the hormone serotonin turned out to be an effective stress killer.

The results of the research will be used not only by psychologists, but also doctors treating such diseases as cardiovascular diseases and glucose metabolism, closely linked to aggressive feelings. Now the doctors will be able to foresee the signs of hypertension and related diseases.

Science (10 Mar, 2007)
Aggressive women - genes' fault
A new research has found the true cause of aggressive behavior in women. The University of Pittsburgh conducted a study where it was revealed that variations in serotonin receptor gene are closely related to hostility and ill temper in women. ...
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Science (31 Mar, 2007)
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Which way chooses a man and which way chooses a woman while fighting for their career growth. Researchers from the University of Maryland unveil results of their survey. ...
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Science (24 Apr, 2007)
Worms and Humans Are One Family
Research proved that the worms and humans have the same origins, at lest their nervous systems do. While it was a fact that they have some common ancestors, yet now it was proved their nervous systems are forming in about the same way. ...
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Science (17 Apr, 2007)
Difficult child-good marriage conquers all
The latest researched showed that couples who have supportive marital relationships can deal with disturbing children easier and this only makes their marriage stronger. ...
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Science (20 Jul, 2007)
Scientists Discover New Facts about 'Placebo Effect'
New scientific study showed that activation of a certain brain area may boost 'placebo effect' and be used as an effective method of treating a variety of illnesses. ...
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Politics (28 Nov, 2007)
80 Percent of Mexican Women Murdered by Family Members
The recent poll revealed that 8 women out of ten in Mexico were killed by one of their family members, president of Mexico Felipe Calderon declared on Monday. ...
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Science (25 Dec, 2007)
Humor Comes from Testosterone
Sam Shuster, a professor of Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, found that men tend to be naturally humorous and use more aggressive jokes because they have considerably higher level of testosterone, male hormone. ...
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Health & Fitness (12 Jan, 2010)
Aggression in Girls Linked to Early Puberty
The new study has found that girls, who enter puberty early, are more likely to be aggressive and involved in antisocial behavior. The Australian study included the data of more than 8,000 women and their children. ...
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Offbeat (03 Nov, 2009)
Television Makes Children Aggressive
The results of a new study, carried out by American researchers, show that toddlers who watch television are more likely to behave aggressively. The level of aggressiveness increases with the amount of time spent in front of TV. ...
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Offbeat (16 Oct, 2009)
Bullying Leaders Simply Want to Cover Their Inferiority and Incompetence
One of the recent studies showed that incompetent leaders really bully other people in order to cover their inferiority. ...
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Science (21 Aug, 2008)
Aggressive Men Have Round Faces
In case you want to identify a man's level of aggressiveness just look at his face. According to a new study the rounder is a man's face the more aggressive he is. ...
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