According to the latest scientific research, parents who occasionally drink alcoholic beverages with their teenage children at home may prevent them from buying their own drinks. More than 10,000 teenagers participated in the survey held in UK.

Parents who do not want their children to drink alcohol behind their back, are advised to limit the pocket money to less than 10 pounds a week. Researchers have come to the conclusion that teenagers who buy alcohol secretly from their parent are six times as likely to drink alcoholic beverages in public places, three times as likely to grow up into regular drinkers and twice as likely to become binge drinkers. The research also suggests the government should prevent the marketing of alcohol to teenagers.

Health & Fitness (23 Mar, 2007)
Alcohol kills faster than ecstasy
A new drug list was revised by Britain's drug experts to reveal that alcohol and tobacco put your health at greater risk than such dangerous drugs as LSD, cannabis and ecstasy. ...
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Offbeat (12 Apr, 2007)
2.3 million alcoholics live in Russia
When the world saw the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russia found itself in a difficult situation. Then the situation worsened and today the number of alcoholics has tripled in comparison with 1991. ...
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Science (19 Nov, 2010)
Energy Drinks Could Lead to Alcoholism
A new study showed that people who consume energy drinks are more likely to become alcoholics than those who don't. ...
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Health & Fitness (11 May, 2007)
Alcohol Consumption at Home Can Prevent Binge Drinking
Parents may prevent their teenage children to buy boose by consuming alcohol with them at home. ...
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Offbeat (20 Sep, 2007)
Hands-Free Phones - More Dangerous for Drivers than Alcoholic Drinks
Drivers who think they are safe if talking on hands-free mobiles in fact face greater risk of car crash than drunk drivers ...
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Health & Fitness (23 May, 2008)
Number of Alcohol Related Illnesses Doubled in the UK
Royal British Healthcare Organization claimed that in the UK the number of people, who have been treated from illnesses caused by alcohol consumption, has doubled during the last 10 years. ...
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Offbeat (23 Jul, 2008)
Police Arrests a Man with Highest Record Blood Alcohol Level
State police arrested a man, who was said to have the highest ever-recorded blood alcohol level of 0.491 percent that should have caused him death. ...
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Offbeat (02 Sep, 2008)
In Alcoholic Culture If You Don't Drink, You're Treated like Criminal
The 64-year-old broadcaster, Derryn Hinch, a former alcoholic, or how his dubbed himself professional drunk, says he will never drink again, though in the alcohol culture he will be treated like a criminal. ...
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Health & Fitness (03 Sep, 2008)
Knowing Alcohol Addiction Symptoms Means Being Armed against It
Keeping the family away from alcohol, or any drugs, is very important for everyone, thus knowing the signs of alcohol abuse is crucial, because as sooner those signs are recognized, the more time there is to help the addicted person. ...
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Health & Fitness (30 Sep, 2008)
Recovering from Alcohol and Drug Addiction
The Treatment Network Solution is using an exclusive technique to help people get the addiction treatment they really need. This technique led to a lot of positive responses from those who have already applied to it. ...
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Health & Fitness (14 Mar, 2009)
Chocolate Is To Be Compared To Alcohol And Cigarettes
The Scottish dietologist David Walker has proposed calling chocolate one of the worst health products, along with alcohol and cigarettes. ...
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Health & Fitness (21 Mar, 2009)
Small Doses Of Alcohol Are Useful For Bones
The presumption that excessive amount of alcohol destroys one's organism is rather doubtful. Some scientists consider that its moderate consumption can be even useful for health. ...
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Health & Fitness (03 Apr, 2009)
Drug Against Alcohol Addiction Cures Kleptomaniacs
Scientists claim that a drug that people usually take to treat alcohol and drug addiction, could help in treating shoplifters by blocking their urge to steal. ...
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Offbeat (12 May, 2009)
Women Started Drinking More Alcohol Drinks
According to the statistics received by European scientists, beginning with 1998, the number of women who had been regularly drinking increased twice. ...
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Health & Fitness (16 Mar, 2007)
Pills Against Insomnia Cause Sleepwalking
Sleeping pills strangely influence people who take them. After waking up these men and women do not remember doing something, like eating, but they see traces of eating all over the place. The drugs' manufacturers will have to comply with a series of criteria, set by the F.D.A. to be able to stay on the market of sleeping pills. ...
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