Health & Fitness (10 Oct, 2008)
Migraines - Original Solutions
It is well-known nowadays that circa 15 per cent of persons all over the world suffer from regular disturbing headaches, which makes approximately 585 million people. Usually, it is considered that women older than 40 are the ones who suffer the most from these headaches, but it is wrong. ...
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Science (17 Nov, 2008)
100M-Years-Old Primitive Organisms Discovered in Tree Resin
Intact marine microorganisms have been recently found in tree resin. Scientists claim that the perfectly preserved microorganisms might have been trapped in the resin 100 million years ago. ...
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Science (01 Jul, 2009)
Researchers Step Forward to Creating Fountain of Youth
Researchers from Texas made a discovery which they believe could be a great step towards a considerably longer lifespan. ...
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