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11 Japanese Arrested for Selling Child Pornography


11 Japanese Arrested for Selling Child PornographyTokyo police managed to arrest 11 people, who were suspected of selling pornography. According to a police official, over 133,000 DVDs with pornographic content were confiscated, some of the disks containing child pornography. The public broadcaster NHK quoted Mr Oyama as saying that he was able to account ¥1.56 billion ($15,323,156) during five years of selling pornography tapes via Internet and mail order.

Police officials said that they are inspecting whether Mr Oyama along with his associates had any connections to gangs. It is worth mentioning that in 1999 Japanese government prohibited the production and sale of sexual content with children under 18 after Japan was internationally criticized for being the largest producer of child pornography. However, it is still considered legal in Japan to have sexually arousing material with children under 18.

Source: DailyMail

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