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2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing Officially Opened


Billions of people watched the spectacular opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing. It is worth mentioning that China waited seven year for this to happen, spending a record-breaking budget of $40 billion and finally the moment has come and about 11,000 athletes will represent 200 countries at the Olympic Games, which will take place in Beijing till August 24.

Surely some already knew what to expect, due to some leaked video and images from the rehearsals. Although the rehearsals showed some spectacular fireworks, the organizers of the event mentioned that the real show would feature twice as many fireworks as there were on the rehearsals, and they were right.

The ceremony started on 08.08.08. in front of about 90,000 fans. Chinese people believe that number 8 is fortunate and the whole Beijing nervously waited for the opening of 2008 Olympic Games. The opening took place at the national stadium, dubbed Bird's Nets due to its steel net construction.

The head of the International Olympic Committee, Jacque Rogge, outlined that he hoped the current summer Olympic Games would help create a bilateral understanding between China and the rest of the world.

The weather was expected to be rainy and foggy. The organizers did not manage to clear the smog, despite the attempts of using cloud-seeding technology meant to generate rain and clear the smog. The Beijing Now monitors displayed 1880 micrograms of particulates/m^3, which is over 12 times the standard for developing countries.

However, the head of the Beijing Meteorological Observatory, Guo Hu, says that foggy conditions does not necessary mean that the air is polluted. He predicts that heavy rain will clear the skies over the upcoming weekend.

Mr Rogge outlined that China has made "extraordinary" efforts to lower the level of pollution before the beginning of the Olympic Games and mentioned that athletes were not in danger.

Everyone is welcome to discuss the ceremony and the events that occur at the Olympics.

Let the Games begin.

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