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Facebook.com Becomes Richer Over A $874 Million Fine For Spam


Court hammerPopular social network Facebook.com won a suitcase against a citizen of Canada, who used the site messaging system to send millions of private messages offering sexual services and drugs.

Jeremy Vogel, judge at a County Court, fined Adam Guerbuez, citizen of Montreal, and his company Atlantic Blue Capital to $874 million.

Guerbuez tricked Facebook users to take gain of their access passwords and use their personal accounts to send over 4 million spam messages, including marijuana propaganda.

As reported by AP, it would be extremely difficult for Facebook to actually get this sum of money from Guerbuez, yet the County Court hopes other cyber criminals to be warned about interfering with the work of the social network.

It is worth mentioning that in July this year another lawsuit sentenced a spammer, Robert Alan Soloway from Seattle (one of the top 10 most wanted spammers on the planet), to 47 months of jail. During the court Soloway confessed in fraud, sending spam messages and evasion of taxes.

The jurors were discussing the possible sentence for two and a half days. The prosecutor insisted on 7 to 9 years of jail, claiming that he deserved a severe punishment, as no other spammer in the world.

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