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Anna Nicole Smith's Son Died of Drug Overdose, Jury said


Daniel Smith, the son of a former Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith died of accidental drug overdose, an inquest jury in the Bahamas has ruled.

The jury of seven members reported about the verdict in 73 minutes, saying that Daniel's death was the result of "nondependent use of drugs". This implies that he had no drug addiction and was unaware of the consequences of taking the mixture of substances that lead him to death.

Virgie Arthur, Anna Nicole Smith's mother was unsatisfied with the outcome because she suspected there was a possibility of murder. Earlier she claimed that Howard K. Stern, an attorney and Anna Nicole's boyfriend was involved in the death of her grandson and Anna Nicole, but she couldn't present any evidence.

Daniel died on September 10, 2006, on visiting his mother and her newborn daughter at Doctors Hospital in the Bahamas.

The investigation into Daniel's death that involved more than two dozens witnesses and two autopsies lead to a conclusion that he died of the "drug prescription overdose".

Anna Nicole Smith died in February, 2007 in Florida of an accidental prescription drug overdose several months later after her son's death.

At the time of her death, a famous playboy model was involved in a legal dispute over the will of her billionaire husband Howard Marshall. After Anna Nicole's death there was a court battle over her daughter's custody. Later it was revealed that father of Dannielynn, her daughter, was Anna Nicole's ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead and not her companion Howard K Stern. Dannielynn remained a sole heir of multimillion dollar fortune.

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