Friday, 16 Apr, 2010 Current Events

Apple iPad Banned by Israeli Authorities


Recently it was announced that Israel has banned imports of one of the most anticipated devices of 2010, Apple's iPad.

According to Israeli officials, the tablet consumes too much capacity on wireless networks, which could lead to disruption of other gadgets.

Starting Thursday, April 15th, as soon as the new regulations were imposed, customs officials in Israel managed to confiscate 10 iPad computers.

Until the country's officials certify that the iPad meets local transmitter standards, everyone entering the country will have their iPad confiscated.

According to Israeli officials, the ban was not imposed to somehow affect the trade, being just a precaution to make sure that the device does not affect other wireless gadgets used in the country, reports Washington Post.

Although the standards in Israel are similar to those in most of the countries from the European Union, it is currently the only nation that officially banned the imports.

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