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Bloody Clothes Worn by John Lennon Exhibited by Yoko Ono


The exhibition called John Lennon: The New York Years will feature clothes that the famous musician wore on the night when the obsessed stalker Mark Chapman shot him.

The clothes soaked in blood along with other items can be seen at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex.

It is worth mentioning that the musician was killed on December 8, 1980. On December 20 his widow Yoko Ono got a paper bag from the medical examiner that included Lennon's clothes covered in blood.

She decided to leave the clothes in the bag and on the current exhibition the 76-year-old presents them together with the musician's guitars, letters and a number of other personal items, including the artist's New York City T-shirt, upright piano from his Dakota apartment, as well as a posthumous 1981 Grammy Award for the album Double Fantasy.

"It was hard to include. And I thought it might be criticized as well," said Ono. However, in the end she decided that it was important to let the world see the outcome of gun violence.

"I know it's a kind of a sad and very poignant kind of paradox I think that he loved this place so much and this is where he was killed," said Ono in an interview she gave after a news conference for the exhibition.

Visitors will also be able to observe handwritten lyrics as well as letter that document the musician's long-lasting battle against deportation during the early 1970s. Yoko Ono says that her husband's death continues to haunt her almost three decades later, reports Daily Mail.

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