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Boy Escapes Alligator by Poking it in the Eye


Boy Escapes Alligator by Poking it in the EyeAfter punching an alligator in the eye, an American boy managed to escape from the animal, though most of his arm was bitten off.

According to police in Slidell, Louisiana, the 11-year-old Devin Funck was playing in the water with some of his friends in a location that is 30 kilometers northeast of New Orleans. Suddenly a 3-meters long alligator pulled the boy under.

The boy's relatives told The Times-Picayune newspaper that Devin poked the animal in the eye and thus managed to escape.

The Associated Press reported that the alligator was hunted down and shot with local authorities, who got the boy's arm back largely intact from the alligator's stomach.

The boy was sent to the hospital, but his family doubt that doctors will be able to reattach the boy's arm.

Source: AP.

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