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Shooting at Virginia Tech University - 30 Killed (updated)


Another gunman in the history of the U.S. and this time it is worse. A man opened fire in a dormitory and classroom at the Virginia Tech University today, on Monday, April 16, 2007, killing at least 30 people. The gunman himself was killed, thus the number of victims rising to 31. It is still not clear whether the shooter was shot by the police, or he shot himself. His name is still kept in confidence.

Charles Steger, President of Virginia Tech University said that the university has lived through a tragedy, he called of 'monumental proportions'. "The University is shocked and indeed horrified", the president added.

The investigation is still under way and it is not clear, whether the gunman was a student of the university or an intruder. The police gave nor a name or any other information concerning the identity of the shooter.

Witnesses of the tragedy say that the gun shots spread panic among the students and teachers: some were jumping out of the windows to escape the shooting and some were carrying the wounded on their backs, risking their own lives, not waiting for the medics to arrive. When the police arrived, they invaded the campus with flak jackets and assault rifles.

The shooting started at 7.15 AM (12.15 GMT) at one side of the university campus, which is about 2,600 acre long, and continued about two hours later on the other side of the campus, in an engineering building - Norris Hall.

The word of the police is that while investigating the dormitory shooting on one end of the campus, they've heard about the other shooting in Norris Hall.

After the first series of shooting the police took the usual measures and warned everyone to remain indoors. However some people thought the police overreacted with these precautions, when the second burst of gunfire was heard.

Chief of the Virginia Tech Police W.R. Flincum reported that one student was killed in the dormitory, while the others were shot in the classroom. The police didn't officially tie the two shootings at the opposite ends of the campus together yet.

There were also 2 separate bombing threats reported last week targeted at the engineer building, as reported by ABS News. One of the bombings was directed at the Torgersen Hall, and the second targeted several engineer buildings. The students and the staff were evacuated and the universities officials offered a $5,000 reward for any information available of the bombings.

As for the classes, they have been canceled both for today and tomorrow. All the family members trying to find their relatives are redirected to the Inn at Virginia Tech.

UPDATE: 32 people reported dead, including the shooter.

UPDATE: 33 people officially declared dead. A young man survived, because he pretended dead, while his classmates were shot and fell bleeding over him. A list of confirmed deceased can be found here .

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