Monday, 25 May, 2009 Current Events

Cartier Sues Apple for Applications Involving Company's Wristwatches


For 24 hours, lawyers from Apple and Cartier were probably the busiest lawyers on the planet. The famous luxury watch and jewelry manufacturer Cartier filed a lawsuit against Apple for trademark infringement after it discovered that several iPhone applications involving fake Cartier watches were available through App Store. The next day Cartier withdrew the suit.

The two applications that served as the main characters in Cartier's lawsuit were called Fake Watch and Fake Watch Gold Edition. The developer of these applications is Digitopolis Game Studio. The lawsuit, however, did not include the name of the apps' developer, reports CNET News.

According to the lawsuit, the two applications made it possible for people to read time on the displays of their iPhone and iPod Touch that simulated Cartier's famous wristwatches.

After Apple removed the applications, Cartier withdrew its lawsuit. Jonathan Lagarenne, Cartier's lawyer, officially reported that the luxury watchmaker was satisfied with Apple's actions.

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