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Child Molesting Grandfather Will Likely Die in Jail


A grand father from Melbourne will most likely die in prison, being accused of 50 years of sexual abuse on his daughters, grandsons, nieces and nephews.

Besides the two generations of his family, the man sexually abused family friends and held the position of authority within a church group to abuse 3 refugees from Africa, who used to go on excursions with the man.

Now the grandfather is 71 and he was sentenced to 14 years in prison. It is worth mentioning that previously he had three sexual assault convictions and in 1990s, after he was accused of indecent assault, he changed his name. In 1958, at the age of 21 he sexually assaulted an 11-year old boy, who was his first victim. In 1970s the man molested the son of his first victim.

The man was arrested after being caught on video last year, performing oral sex on children and fondling them. His daughter mentioned in a victim impact statement, which was read to the Victorian County Court, that she regrets of not exposing her father earlier.

The man was sentenced to 14 years in jail, pleaded guilty of 21 sex assaults, one of which was incest. When hearing the judge's sentence, the man shook uncontrollably in his wheelchair.

"Clearly, these are crimes of the utmost repugnance, not only because of the harm they cause, but also because they transgress fundamental social rules relating to the protection of children and families. You have committed a gross breach of trust, in offending against them as you did'' said Judge Wendy Wilmoth.

The court was told that the man started assaulting his own family back in 1971, when his target was his nephew, who used to visit him during holidays. Later he sexually abused the boy's brother, then his other nephew and then his own niece.

In 1970s the man started abusing his own children, including his middle daughter, who at that time was les than 5 years old. In 1980s he sexually abused his youngest daughter, who was 4 years old. In 2006, after 20 years, the man started molesting his family again, when he sexually abused his grandson aged six.

Another victims included two Ethiopian refugees, one being 11 and the other 8, who went on church-based excursions with the man, the court was told. On another excursion he abused a refugee boy from Sudan, aged 11.

The man was arrested after the father of his 2.5 year old grandchild suspected grandfather of abusing the child while minding him. After suspecting of molesting, the father installed a video camera and later spotted grandfather performing sexual intercourse with the child.

A psychologist told the court that the grandfather suffered from a painful circumcision when he was 5 or 6. The procedure had "sexual overtones" that probably had a developmental impact on the man.

The court was told that the grandfather was assaulted in prison and recently had a surgery for prostate and bladder cancer. It is believed that the man will not survive his minimum 9 years in prison.

Source: The Australian

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