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CO2 Cube to Make People Aware of the Metric Ton of CO2 Emitted Each Month


Almost everyday we hear about emissions of carbon dioxide and the amount of those emissions is measured in metric tons. One metric ton represents the monthly dose of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere by an average person living in an industrialized nation. But a lot of people are not aware of exactly how much is a metric ton of CO2.

The United Nations decided to fix the problem and launch a new project called CO2 Cube. Having the goal of making people aware about the amount of gas emitted into the Earth's atmosphere, the UN looks forward to launch its CO2 Cube on December 1.

The CO2 Cube represents a three-story structure, measuring 8.2m x 8.2m x 8.2m (27ft x 27ft x 27ft) that includes precisely 1 ton of carbon dioxide, estimated and stored at normal atmospheric pressure, reports Artdaily. The cube will honor the historic UN Climate Change Conference.

It is worth mentioning that Alfio Bonanno is the author of the CO2 Cube, which will flow on the waters of St. Jorgens Lake in Copenhagen.

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//1 Apr 09, 2010 09:46 AM | posted by: thegman [InfoWILD]
Sometimes it is a good idea to provide a concrete illustration of the pollution problem. Just wish it wasn't so, well, square.

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