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Police: Cult Toddler Killed because He wouldn't Say Amen


A 19 month Philadelphia boy, who was found dead inside a suitcase, was starved by religious group members, including his mother because he wouldn't pray after meals.

Three members of the cult called 1 Mind Ministries and the toddler's mother were charged with first-degree murder.

The investigation revealed that Javon Thompson, almost 19 months old died in his mother's arms after he was not fed since December 2006. Police found the suitcase with the remains of the child in April 2007, after they received confidential information. According to court documents, members of religious group did not seek for medical care, letting Javon die of hunger.

Ria Ramkissoon, 21 year old mother of the child was placed in psychiatric ward of Baltimore's Central Booking and Intake Centre, where she remains until the bail review will take place.

Three other members of the religious group - Queen Antoinette, 40 year old, Marcus Cobbs, 21 and Trevia Williams, 21 were kept in custody after the arrest in May in NY. Steven Bynum, another alleged member of the cult has not been arrested yet.

Ramkissoon's family claims that their daughter was a victim and could not control the situation. Seeta Khadan-Newton, the mother of Ramkissoon is convinced that her daughter was not allowed to feed the baby by the group members. The grandmother of the boy sued for custody of the child after the religious group leaders did not let her contact the daughter since April 2006.

Two school-age children, who were taken away from the cult, told police that Javon was not fed by members of the groups since December 2006, because he refused to say "amen" after meals and was considered by others as "a demon".

Queen Antoinette, one of the members left the child's body in the room for more than a week, saying that "God was going to raise Javon from the dead." Then she placed his body in a suitcase, disinfecting it from time to time to disguise the odor from the body.

In the beginning of 2007 the religious group moved away to Philadelphia, leaving the suitcase and other luggage to a man they met while being there and then left Philadelphia for New York.

Source: The Associated Press

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16 votes

//15 Oct 23, 2011 09:14 PM | posted by: michelle
i was lock'd up wiff these krazy lookin bitches!They did it kuz i evn sat dwn wiff queen and she tlk 2 me bout her case...her story juss dnt add up!and the daughter juss look so lost!
20 votes

//14 Mar 16, 2011 11:23 PM | posted by: mckenna
in this world there are pleanty of people who have lost there way and took the path that god was telling them to avoid, these people are the crazy nut jobs that we need to look out for but religion is not stupid nor retarded and when the end times eventually come and you are living on your last few breaths then you will realize you were wrong and ask god to forgive you and he will because he loves everyone no matter what. so for the people who say religion is stupid you can just go f your mom
17 votes

//13 Nov 05, 2008 09:52 PM | posted by: Abraxas
That's just like wanying to ban guns.Guns don't kill people,PEOPLE kill people.
18 votes

//12 Oct 06, 2008 04:45 PM | posted by: sharaeff [InfoMANIAC]
The article is mind-blowing...It shows us how religion often turns into fanaticism. People hide their own interests behind the words of God and present lies in the form of ansolute truth. Religion is used a means of brainwashing which helps to lead the crowd. Unfortunately there are a lot of naive people all over the world who still believe that church is the basis of the society. They don't realize that it is as corrupted as those people who rule it. The word "religion" can be easily substituted by the word "morality" which stands for the same human values, such as: kindness and mercy.
22 votes

//11 Sep 01, 2008 09:03 PM | posted by: freddiebones [InfoTOT]
well, look at who's elected president....who has caused thousands and thousands of deaths and suffering, all in the name of "GOD"....this is not a new, isolated or unusual way of thinking....it hasn't changed much since the dark ages.....look around.....the inmates are running the asylum....
17 votes

//10 Sep 01, 2008 08:57 PM | posted by: freddiebones
well, look at who's elected president....who has caused thousands and thousands of deaths and suffering, all in the name of "GOD"....this is not a new, isolated or unusual way of thinking....it hasn't changed much since the dark ages.....look around.....the inmates are running the asylum....
17 votes

//9 Aug 30, 2008 07:24 PM | posted by: Ace
Killing in the name of God is not Religion or religious, it’s just plain ignorance and stupidity.

What gets to me it everyone on here that sees religion as the problem; since most Religions teach love of life and the pursuit of happiness through our Lord Jesus Christ. And some insane and confused nuts do something stupid like starving an innocent child; the non-believers go on a rampage about the evils of Religion. When in fact this kind of thing goes on in the real world without religion or god ever being involved. When some nut shoots his wife, children and himself or some idiot locks his daughter and her children in a hidden cellar for 20 years it’s not about religion. But if Religion or God is mentioned, the people that love to make trouble and love to point out how religion is the problem. When in fact they are the problem because all they have time for is pointing out what is wrong, but never doing anything to help the world.

People are the problem, not religion. Sounds to me like Queen Antoinette let the name “Queen” get to her head and she forgot about God and that the word of God was written for everyone.
23 votes

//8 Aug 22, 2008 10:10 PM | posted by: Johnny
1 more person killed by religion, but it wasn't God that killed him it was the people created by God that killed him, therefore God is great and the people he created was a waste of time, a failed experiment.
Or maybe it was the devil that was created by God that created these humans that killed this baby.
Humans are just plain stupid, they have been doing the same ugly and nasty stuff since recorded history was written, they wrote down what they did and they humans never caught on, yet they think they are smart and perhapses so but in the same breath they are very slow learners.
Thank God I'm not a human
19 votes

//7 Aug 18, 2008 06:57 PM | posted by: geekdemon
all but Jew and Buddha, they're much saner than the rest
19 votes

//6 Aug 18, 2008 05:51 PM | posted by: Don
It's scary to think that some of the most powerful people in the world are religious nut jobs. I guess people will believe anything that makes them feel better about the horrible things they do.
20 votes

//5 Aug 17, 2008 04:23 AM | posted by: Unknown
The kid was 19 months old? Jeeze who knows specific words at a little over a year. This kid didn't stand a chance, send them all to jail, let their god protect them there.
26 votes

//4 Aug 16, 2008 10:12 AM | posted by: Avry
Religion, the most socially acceptable mental illness ever. That poor child could have grown into a wonderful human being, but instead he was killed by more maniacs with imaginary friends. It's time we as a species put an end to this asinine, willful ignorance.
25 votes

//3 Aug 15, 2008 08:54 AM | posted by: shae
religion should not be outlawed, no matter how much i dislike the current institution. the people practicing it need to learn how to be people instead of brainwashed robots like most cult members are. cults should be outlawed.
15 votes

//2 Aug 15, 2008 04:35 AM | posted by: Jams
And thats why all religion should be outlawed, brainless, retarded idiots killing children in the name of 2 thousand year old made up hokum. Disgusting, thoughourly disgusting.
18 votes

//1 Aug 15, 2008 03:52 AM | posted by: Ash Frog
This is just sick. Hope they burn in hell.

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