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Dalai Lama's Operation Passed Successfully


Surgeons managed to extract a gallstone from the Dalai Lama which made him suffer from abdominal pains.

Doctors established their diagnosis during a medical examination of the spiritual leader. Chhime R. Chhoekyapa commented on the surgery saying that it was a routine procedure. The Nobel prizewinner was hospitalized in New Delhi on Thursday after a medical checkup which was the second in many months. His assistants advised the 73-year-old to refrain from distant trips.

In August the Dalai Lama was taken to a Mumbai hospital to undergo an examination of abdominal cavity organs. The Tibetan leader was announced to be in good health. However his doctors said that he was in the state of exhaustion, so it'd be advisable to put off his trip to Europe.


The Dalai Lama lives in the north town of Dharmsala, where his government-in-exile is located after his escape from Tibet when Tibetans failed to withstand Chinese assault in 1959. Several months in a year he travels around the world teaching Buddhism and advocating the Tibetan culture and interests.

Rumors about the surgery agitated the whole Dharmsala as it considers the Dalai Lama a symbolic person for thousands of exiles. He is still honored although the exile community has divided between his supporters and young opponents demanding severe measures against Chinese intervention.

The exiles are extremely worried as the Dalai Lama represents the symbol of their hope and faith. If he goes, they'll surrender all hope of seeing better days in Tibet.

China launched a campaign to slander the Dalai Lama after the March uprising in Tibet. It incriminates him Beijing considering it an attempt to separate the Himalayan region from China.


The Dalai Lama repels such accusations as his only aim is to obtain greater autonomy for Tibet and to preserve its unique culture.

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