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Find What Olympic Athletes Are Tweeting About


As Winter Olympics are getting closer, Twitter decided to help online community get even closer by revealing a list of Olympic athletes who use the microblogging service.

The list can be found at @verified/Olympians. One of the US stars at the Olympic Games is Lindsey Vonn and she tweets as @lindseyvonn. It is worth mentioning that her account has already gathered over 38,000 followers.

Messages on Twitter are also being posted by the American short-track speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno, who tweets as @ApoloOhno.

Users can also read the short messages posted by US snowboarder Louie Vito and Angela Ruggiero of the US women's hockey team, who managed to collect about 35,000 followers and who posts messages as @angelaruggiero.

It would ne interesting to note that The International Olympic Committee has set up a page on Facebook, where there's plenty of information on the Winter Games. Currently there're over a million fans. In case you know other athletes that use Twitter, make sure to use the comment section below to write their accounts.

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