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Formula 1 Star Michael Schumacher Hits Pedestrian After Overtaking Elderly Woman Driver


The 7-time world champion in Formula 1 racing, Michael Schumacher, was returning from an event held at Silverstone on Sunday when, trying to surpass an elderly woman driver, he hit a pedestrian.

The former Formula 1 racer, who drove his Fiat Ducato van, did not suffer any injuries, but Martin Kingham, the injured pedestrian, told how he was hit to the ground by the 38-year-old German as he turned around a corner and surpassed another car before hitting him.

"The last thing you expect on a quiet afternoon is to be run over by Michael Schumacher - it was unbelievable," said the 39-year-old Martin Kingham.

"He came from behind me to overtake two old ladies in a little Fiat. The first thing I knew I was flat on my face after the collision. When I realized who had hit me I thought I had concussion," he added.

The accident happened in Lydd, Kent. Schumacher, who earlier signed a sponsorship agreement with Fiat, was driving to the nearby airfield where his private jet was awaiting.

"I was putting the security bars up outside the garage before going home. I have to stand on the edge of the road and keep an eye on the traffic. Out of nowhere I heard a bang behind me. It spun me round and I was thrown forward on to my face, hitting the bonnet of a parked van. I thought I recognized the driver but my head was spinning. He was screaming: "What the f***ing hell were you doing in the road". He seemed cross, as if I was in the wrong. I called the police," said Mr Kingham.

The man reported the accident to Kent Police, who checked the driver for alcohol and were amazed to find out about his identity.

Mr Kingham is the father-of-one and has a 36-year-old wife called Leona.

"The police realized I wasn't too injured and told us to swap addresses, then he just got back in the van and drove off without even looking at me. He still didn't apologize. He was arrogant. The way I landed was lucky. My leg was aching, and the next day a big bruise came up below my knee," Mr Kingham told Daily Mirror.

"Try telling people you were hit by Michael Schumacher. My wife thought I was winding her up," he said.

Presumably Schumacher is one of the participants of the Silverstone Classic, a weekend racing event where classic car owner gather to compete. He was driving back from the event to Lydd Airport to take the plane and fly out of the country.

It is worth mentioning that in 2007 the German racer gave a generous tip to a taxi driver so he would allow him to take the driver's place, thus Schumacher was able to race to the airport in Coburg, Germany, in desperate hope to catch a flight. Together with him in the cab there were his wife and two kids.

Source: Telegraph

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