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Gay Marriage Allowed in Connecticut


Connecticut Supreme Court ordered that gay marriages should be allowed. Thus Connecticut became the third state after Massachusetts and California where gay couples gained the right to get married.

This resolution was a legally significant action as it was the first time when a court expressed its disposition to same-sex marriages and gave them so many privileges. As to Californians, they're going to appeal against this ruling and re-establish the gay-marriage ban. However, Connecticut's government believes that people are unlikely to set the new-promulgated order at defiance.

The new ruling already has its opponents. Jodi Rell, a Republican, considers that this order doesn't reflect opinions of the majority. Nevertheless he is convinced that any attempts to amend the Constitution will not succeed.

Gay weddings should start in Connecticut in less than a month. The opportunity to get married will be used by a lot of out-of-staters, but their unions will be recognized just in few other states.

The new ruling was a great surprise for the plaintiffs. There were eight couples in Connecticut that had to lodge a complaint to get their wedding licenses. So now they are deliriously happy and are looking forward to getting married. The couples who sued blamed the state's marriage law as it infringed their rights depriving them of social and emotional benefits of marriage. Yet the majority of states are against gay marriages. Electors in 27 states have voted for additional amendments to support that ban.

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