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In Rage Teen Killed a Pedophile


After years of being the victim of a convicted pedophile, a teenager treaded heavily, stabbed and strangled his abuser.

After being pleaded guilty of killing the 56-year old Jeffrey Edwin Payne in Adelaide last year, the 19-year old teenager, whose name is Timothy Hemi Schaefer, faced sentencing submissions of murder in the South Australian Supreme Court, which was told that police found no clues that can prove the fact that Schaefer was sexually abused by Payne.

However, being involved in a drunken fight, the teenager punched the man in the nose, then he stabbed him in the leg and afterwards, before killing the man, he followed across a park where Schaefer accused Payne of sex abuse.

According to Greg Mead, who appears to be the lawyer of Mr. Schaefer, the boy was the victim of his violent alcoholic father, who abused him from an early age, beating him nearly every day.

"He was fed rotten meat, that his father would have to scrape the slime off before feeding the children", said Mr. Mead.

Some of his children were sexually abused by Schaefer father's friends, who supposed to take care of them while his father left the family for weeks at a time. The lawyer said that is seemed that something had snapped in the teenager's mind when Schaefer decided to kill Payne. He added that the teenager was sent into the "primal rage", which pushed him to attack the man who represented everyone who abused him.

According to the prosecutor Jane Powell, the teenager had no regret of murdering Payne, who was described by Schaefer as "a sack of sh**t". She added that during the attack the teenager had taken a break to have a cigarette.

Judge John Sulan ordered a neurological report and sent Schaefer back in custody. The sentencing date is still to be set.

Source: News.com.au.

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