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2010 CE Hall of Fame Marks Those Who Helped Create Plasma TV and GPS
[06 May, 2010] comments (0)
Recently the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced this year's inductees, grouped in founders and inventors, retailers and marketing executives. ...
Moving Images and 3D Effects Used in the New $100 Bill
[22 Apr, 2010] comments (0)
Recently the US Treasury Department announced about the launch of a new $100 bill that features some interesting additional features, including moving images, 3D effects and changing colors. ...
Apple iPad Banned by Israeli Authorities
[16 Apr, 2010] comments (0)
Recently it was announced that Israel has banned imports of one of the most anticipated devices of 2010, Apple's iPad. ...
Countries With the Highest Level of Internet Censorship
[16 Mar, 2010] comments (3)
Recently the US State Department and the Reporters Without Borders have unveiled reports concluding that some governments are continuously attempting to limit the freedom of expression on the Internet. ...
Twitter Registers Over 50 Million Updates Each Day
[23 Feb, 2010] comments (0)
According to Twitter's analytics team, each day the website registers about 50 million updates. According to Kevin Weil from the analytic team, Twitter became enormously popular in just about three years. ...
Find What Olympic Athletes Are Tweeting About
[12 Feb, 2010] comments (3)
As Winter Olympics are getting closer, Twitter decided to help online community get even closer by revealing a list of Olympic athletes who use the microblogging service. ...
InfoNIAC Presents: The Best Invention of 2009
[05 Feb, 2010] comments (1)
This article sums up all of the results from our polls and gives you the opportunity to select the best of the best. Here you can find the inventions that you, our users, voted as the most inspiring throughout the 2009. We welcome you to choose the best invention of 2009. ...
Atmos 566 - the Watch that Runs on Small Temperature Variations
[21 Jan, 2010] comments (0)
Marc Newson, a designer from Australia, came up with an interesting concept timepiece for the famous Swiss watchmaker Jaeager-LeCoultre. ...
Google's YouTube Makes First Step into Movie Rental Business
[21 Jan, 2010] comments (0)
The popular video sharing website YouTube makes its first steps to becoming a rental outlet. Its goal is to help promote movies that are going to be shown at the Sundance Film Festival that will be held at Park City, Utah. ...
Villa on the Moon - the Designers Vision
[15 Jan, 2010] comments (0)
Specialists from Royal Haskoning Architects, being commissioned by Quest, a science magazine, designed an open villa that brings the idea of how it would be possible to live on the moon. ...
Quitting Smoking Can Prevent a Serious Visual Impairment in Time
[12 Jan, 2010] comments (0)
It is well known that quitting smoking can reduce the risks of several types of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It was proven that the healing process starts already in 20 minutes after you stop smoking. ...
InfoNIAC Presents: Top 10 Latest Inventions of November 2009
[09 Dec, 2009] comments (2)
InfoNIAC Presents features monthly articles in which you will find short descriptions of the top 10 latest inventions published on Here you can find the top 10 inventions described on our website in November 2009. ...
The Biggest LED Project in the World Presented in Abu Dhabi
[08 Dec, 2009] comments (2)
Abu Dhabi has recently witnessed the presentation of the world's biggest LED project that was created by specialists from Asymptote Architecture who worked in collaboration with Arup that developed the lighting design. ...
CO2 Cube to Make People Aware of the Metric Ton of CO2 Emitted Each Month
[26 Nov, 2009] comments (1)
Almost everyday we hear about emission of carbon dioxide and the amount of those emissions is measured in metric tons. One metric ton represents the monthly dose of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere by an average person living in an industrialized nation. ...
New Recycling Plant to Convert Diapers to Power
[12 Nov, 2009] comments (2)
Two British companies, Versus Energy and Knowaste, decided to team up with the goal of creating the world's first diaper recycling facility in the town of West Bromwich in Birmingham. ...

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