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Iowa Cat contracted A(H1N1)
[06 Nov, 2009] comments (1)
As the world is fighting the swine flu pandemic, the first cat to carry the virus has been recently identified in Iowa, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). ...
InfoNIAC Presents: Top 6 Latest Inventions of August 2009
[01 Sep, 2009] comments (2)
InfoNIAC Presents is our new section in which we bring you the top 10 latest inventions selected from each month. ...
Paris Tops the List of World's Best Cities
[18 Jun, 2009] comments (0)
Paris was recently voted as the most interesting city in a global survey of 10,000 people from 20 countries. ...
Cartier Sues Apple for Applications Involving Company's Wristwatches
[25 May, 2009] comments (0)
Cartier filed a lawsuit against Apple for trademark infringement after it discovered that several iPhone applications involving fake Cartier watches were available through App Store. ...
Germans Feel More Proud of Being Germans, Leaving Nazi Past Behind
[19 May, 2009] comments (0)
According to a new study, Germans finally have fallen in love with their country and believe they should be proud of it. ...
Bloody Clothes Worn by John Lennon Exhibited by Yoko Ono
[13 May, 2009] comments (0)
The exhibition called John Lennon: The New York Years will feature clothes that the famous musician wore on the night when the obsessed stalker Mark Chapman shot him. ...
Most Active User Contest
[12 May, 2009] comments (8)
A lot of fascinating and crazy stuff is going on in the world today and we welcome you to write stories you think are worth sharing. Besides discovering and sharing you automatically take part in a contest to win a genuine MacBook. ...
Porsche Plans Merger With European Carmaking Giant Volkswagen
[07 May, 2009] comments (1)
Recently the luxury car manufacturer Porsche Automobil Holding announced that instead of taking over Volkswagen it decided to explore a merger with the biggest carmaker on the European continent. ...
Survey Shows the Most Boring, Dirty and Expensive Cities in Europe
[06 May, 2009] comments (0)
The website TripAdvisor recently carried out a survey of 2,400 travelers who were asked to tell what they think of some of the European cites. ...
Historians Claim It Was Paul Gauguin Who Cut Off Van Gogh's Ear
[05 May, 2009] comments (2)
Van Gogh is considered to be a mad genius who cut off his ear while suffering from mental illness that occurred after the his friendship with another famous artist, Paul Gauguin, one of the leading Post-Impressionist painters, got to an end. ...
Google Becomes the First 100 Billion Dollar Brand In the World
[30 Apr, 2009] comments (0)
Recently Google was officially recognized as the first 100 billion dollar brand in the world, surpassing other world famous brands such as Microsoft, Coca Cola and McDonald's. ...
Hitler Paintings Raised Big Money at Auction
[24 Apr, 2009] comments (0)
The set of paintings and sketches created by the young Adolf Hitler were sold at an auction in Britain for 97,672 pounds (USD143,358), including premium, which is much more than it was estimated before sales started. ...
Great Wall of China Longer than Previously Thought
[21 Apr, 2009] comments (0)
The results of a government mapping research unveiled new sections of the famous Great Wall of China. The discovered sections total about 290km (180 miles). ...
Ship to Follow the Route of Titanic
[15 Apr, 2009] comments (0)
The Balmoral is the ship that will mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the famous giant Titanic by following its original route. ...
Bill Gates Becomes Once Again the Richest Man in World
[12 Mar, 2009] comments (2)
This year, once richest person in the world, Bill Gates, regained his title despite losing $18 billion. His total net worth is now $40 billion. ...

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