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The Cheapest and Most Expensive Cities are in Asia
[09 Mar, 2009] comments (3)
According to a survey carried out by The Economist magazine, the most expensive city is located in Asia. In their study of the cost of living, the magazine's experts found that the stronger yen made Tokyo the most expensive city in the world. ...
Facebook Paid $65M to Settle Lawsuit
[12 Feb, 2009] comments (1)
Recently it was revealed that Facebook paid $65 million in order to settle a lawsuit that accused the founder of the social networking website, Mark Zuckerberg, of stealing the idea of the website from his former college roommates. ...
Facebook to Use Members' Private Data to Make More Money
[02 Feb, 2009] comments (1)
The popular social networking website Facebook looks forward to make use of the personal information of its 150 million registered members by building one the vastest market research databases in the world. ...
Microsoft Founder Predicts Four-Year Recession
[30 Jan, 2009] comments (6)
The founder of the software giant Microsoft, Bill Gates, recently told the British Broadcasting Corporation that economies would have to handle the global economic downturn for at least four years. ...
Encyclopedia Britannica 2.0 to Compete with Wikipedia
[22 Jan, 2009] comments (1)
The popular Encyclopedia Britannica went on-line. The 240-year-old information bank made a huge step into Web 2.0 with the introduction of its online version where anyone can add or edit content. ...
European Union Accuses Microsoft Once Again
[17 Jan, 2009] comments (0)
The number one software developer in the world, Microsoft, has once again been accused by the European Commission, which states that the company violated the rules of competition. ...
Body of Somali Pirate Washed Ashore with Ransom Money
[12 Jan, 2009] comments (0)
Shortly after receiving ransom for releasing a Saudi Arabia tanker, MV Sirius Star, one of the Somali pirates was found dead. The body was washed ashore with $153,000 in cash found in pirate's pocket. ...
No Cash Bonus for Google Staff on Christmas
[25 Dec, 2008] comments (0)
It seems like the economic crisis has recently knocked on the door of number one search engine Google that decided to give its staff a version of the G1, a mobile phone that is meant to rival Apple's iPhone, instead of the traditional $1,000, which the company's workers receive on Christmas. ...
Pope Attacks Homosexuality, Defends Heterosexuality
[23 Dec, 2008] comments (2)
This Monday Pope Benedict raised a wave of disputes, saying that saving the world from homosexual and transsexual behavior is just as important as saving the rainforest from deforestation. ...
Some of the Most Important Events of the Outgoing 2008
[17 Dec, 2008] comments (23)
The year 2008 is almost at the finish line, but before it comes to an end it would probably be interesting to review this year's most important events. ...
Switzerland Entered Schengen Zone
[13 Dec, 2008] comments (3)
Passport controls at the borders of Switzerland will no longer be a routine for EU citizens and frontier guards as on Friday the country became the 25th member of border-free Schengen zone. ...
Most Popular Google Searches in 2008
[12 Dec, 2008] comments (0)
The end of 2008 is near and Google decided to study and present the most popular searches that billions of people typed into the search box of the number one search engine. ...
Ladies' Wear Helped Robbers to Steal Precious Jewellery
[07 Dec, 2008] comments (0)
One of the greatest hold-ups took place in Paris. Four robbers using ladies' wear and acting like two couples stole jewellery worth £70 million from the fashionable Harry Winston boutique. ...
Wal-Mart Employee Killed in a Rush of Customers
[30 Nov, 2008] comments (0)
Wal-Mart, world's largest retail chain, put its reputation on the line as one of its employees was killed by a crowd of furious shoppers that swarmed into a New York store according to Reuters. ...
Russia and Venezuela Will Work With Rubles and Bolivars in Their Partnership
[27 Nov, 2008] comments (0)
Russia and Venezuela agreed upon using their national currencies - Rubles and Bolivars - for their partnership, 'dumping' the US dollar, which is still used for international commerce in many countries of the world, despite its prophesied weakness and fall. ...

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