Current Events Becomes Richer Over A $874 Million Fine For Spam
[25 Nov, 2008] comments (0)
Canadian fined $874 million for using Facebook's private messaging system to send over 4 millon spam messages, sometimes with offensive content. ...
The Shnobel Award - Directly From Harvard
[23 Nov, 2008] comments (0)
As a tradition, before the Nobel week in Harvard, at the beginning of October this year, there also took place the 18th yearly Ceremony of Shnobel Awards. The Shnobel award is a special award given for researches that at first make you laugh and which only later make you think. ...
New Digital Library Started Its Work
[20 Nov, 2008] comments (3)
It looks like Europeana is going to become a serious competitor of Google. This new digital library was launched by the European Union this Thursday. ...
Britain is Number One Drug Nation in Europe
[07 Nov, 2008] comments (0)
Shocking results of a recent analysis, carried out by the drug agency of the European Union, show that Britain leads the list of the countries with the worst drug abuse in Europe. ...
Wal-Mart Loses Confidence in Chinese Products
[22 Oct, 2008] comments (0)
Wal-Mart Stores Inc., an American public corporation, declared that the recent child sicknesses in China caused by over toxic milk products necessitate setting up new requirements for Chinese suppliers. ...
Personal Bank Account of the French President Hacked
[22 Oct, 2008] comments (0)
The government of France admitted that currently no one is protected against Internet fraud. The announcement came after unknowns hackers managed to get the online access code of the personal bank account of the French president Nicolas Sarkozy and steal small sums of money. ...
Ambulance Crew Was Not Allowed to Save Student Lying by the Roadside
[17 Oct, 2008] comments (1)
After a student was hit by a car while going to a college ball in 2007, she was left to die because paramedics were not allowed to cross a county border. ...
Playboy Will Stop the Production of DVDs to Stay Afloat
[17 Oct, 2008] comments (2)
In order to be able to keep its business afloat, Hugh Hefner decided that Playboy should to stop the production of DVDs. ...
YouTube-Like Website of Hamas Hits the Web
[16 Oct, 2008] comments (0)
Islamic Hamas movement recently introduced a clone of YouTube. The website includes different clips, which however have a common topic. Users can view a somewhat conservative Syrian social drama, videos that praise al-Qaeda and the like. ...
Family Arrested for Embezzlement and Elder Abuse
[16 Oct, 2008] comments (0)
Authorities in Northern California reported that a dead elderly woman was cremated by her daughter and grandson on a homemade barbecue, after which the malefactors continued assuming the woman's pension in the amount of more than $25,000. ...
North Korean Spy Used Sex as a Tool
[15 Oct, 2008] comments (1)
A woman from North Korea has been accused of spying in South Korea. The espionage case is considered sensational with sex and poisoned needles as the main weapons. Won Jeong Hwa was sentenced to five years in jail. ...
Gay Marriage Allowed in Connecticut
[11 Oct, 2008] comments (9)
Connecticut Supreme Court ordered that gay marriages should be allowed. Thus Connecticut became the third state after Massachusetts and California where gay couples gained the right to get married. ...
Who won Nobel Peace Prize 2008?
[10 Oct, 2008] comments (0)
Former Finnish president won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for his attempts to maintain peace from Africa and Asia to Europe and the Middle East. Announcing the winner, the Nobel Committee pointed out Martti Ahtisaari's transcendent merits in resolving international conflicts as well as his important activity on several continents. ...
Dalai Lama's Operation Passed Successfully
[10 Oct, 2008] comments (5)
Surgeons managed to extract a gallstone from the Dalai Lama which made him suffer from abdominal pains. ...
Parachute-jumpers Conquer Everest
[06 Oct, 2008] comments (0)
Finally the first parachute jump over Mount Everest has been made. After so many years of preparation participants fulfilled their dream, but organizers admired an amazing spectacle. ...

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