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The Director of 300 Signed a Deal with Electronic Arts
[30 Sep, 2008] comments (0)
One of the leading independent developers of interactive entertainment and games software, Electronic Arts, has reached an agreement with Zack Snyder, a Hollywood director who worked on the hit movie 300. ...
Chinese Publish Space Mission Talks Before Take-Off
[26 Sep, 2008] comments (0)
China's official news agency was ahead of time, publishing the article about a long-expected space mission, describing the conversation between astronauts in space, even before the rocket left the Earth. ...
Google Gives Away $10M for Good Ideas to Help the World
[25 Sep, 2008] comments (2)
The officials of number one search engine Google announced that the company would pay $10 million for any new idea that can help the world. ...
Selling Your Soul to The Devil - How Much Is It Worth?
[23 Sep, 2008] comments (22)
Recently, a lot of strange advertisements, such as - My soul, my life and my ghost for sale have appeared in the Internet. ...
The Best Apocalypse Scenarios
[21 Sep, 2008] comments (7)
There have been made a lot of apocalyptic suppositions by now, such as the disappearance of the planet and the destruction of our Universe, traveling by time machine, the black holes swallowing people and so on. ...
Putin Agrees to Show His Black Belt Judo Skills to France's Nicolas Sarkozy
[15 Sep, 2008] comments (1)
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, may soon give some judo lessons to the France's President Nicolas Sarkozy. ...
Dispute Over Sexual Content on Wikipedia
[09 Sep, 2008] comments (0)
According to child protection campaigners, the biggest multilingual free-content online encyclopedia Wikipedia went over the line by tolerating the placement of graphic video and images of sexual acts on its articles. ...
China and Iraq Sign Strategic Oil Service Contract
[04 Sep, 2008] comments (0)
The largest oil and gas company in Asia, China National Petroleum Corporation, has signed a $3 billion 20-year service contract to develop and manage the oil field of Iraq's al Ahdab. ...
Hollywood Producer to Write a Film About the Rise of Facebook
[28 Aug, 2008] comments (2)
Aaron Sorkin, Hollywood writer-producer and co-creator of The West Wing decided to write a film that tells about the rise of Facebook. ...
Burn After Reading - Pitt and Clooney Debut at Venice Film Festival
[28 Aug, 2008] comments (0)
The popular Venice Film Festival this year started with the premiere of "Burn After Reading", a blank comedy of Coen brothers, starring Hollywood stars George Clooney and Brad Pitt. ...
History Channel Experts to Analyze UFO Sightings in Australia
[27 Aug, 2008] comments (0)
According to representatives of the History Channel, a team of experts will go down under to examine a spate of UFO sightings in the Australia's Northern Territory. The team will shoot an episode of "UFO Hunters", the channel's documentary television series. ...
2008 Olympic Games in Beijing - One World, One Dream, Two Live Legends
[25 Aug, 2008] comments (1)
The 29th Olympic Games in Beijing have come to an end and what an Olympiad it was: lots of new names, a whole basket of Olympic and world records. ...
Teacher Caught for Downloading Child Porn Was a Broken Man
[12 Aug, 2008] comments (4)
Teacher Caught for Downloading Child Porn Was a Broken ManAn ex-Brighton Grammar teacher, who used such keywords as "pre-teen Lolita" to surf the Internet for child porn, was in fact a broken person, his reputation was ruined, the County Court has heard. ...
Police: Cult Toddler Killed because He wouldn't Say Amen
[12 Aug, 2008] comments (17)
A 19 month Philadelphia boy, who was found dead inside a suitcase, was starved by religious group members, including his mother because he wouldn't pray after meals. ...
2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing Officially Opened
[08 Aug, 2008] comments (1)
Billions of people watched the spectacular opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing. ...

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