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Possible Theater Where Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" Debuted Discovered in London
[07 Aug, 2008] comments (1)
Archaeologists at the Museum of London managed to discover what they say is possible The Theater where such masterpieces "The Merchant of Venice" and "Romeo and Juliet" made their debut and where their author, William Shakespeare himself worked. ...
Lord Auctions Title and Assets on eBay
[07 Aug, 2008] comments (0)
Businessman David Piper, 58, is also the Lord of the mansion of Warleigh, which is next to Plymouth, Devon. The entrepreneur hopes to sell on eBay his title and assets worth £6 million ($9,281,890). ...
Stampede Victim Awakes in Hospital Morgue
[06 Aug, 2008] comments (0)
Stampede Victim Awakes in Hospital MorgueAs doctors were about to perform post-mortem examination of a pilgrim, who fell unconscious during a rush that killed 150 people, the man suddenly woke up. ...
Premature Baby Survived Because Mother Tickled Her Feet
[04 Aug, 2008] comments (2)
When tiny Emma Young was fighting for survival, the miracle that saved her life was her mother who tickled the bottom of her feet. ...
Formula 1 Star Michael Schumacher Hits Pedestrian After Overtaking Elderly Woman Driver
[31 Jul, 2008] comments (3)
The 7-time world champion in Formula 1 racing, Michael Schumacher, was returning from an event held at Silverstone on Sunday when, trying to surpass an elderly woman driver, he hit a pedestrian. ...
Lamborghini Sent for Oil Check from Qatar to London - a 6,500 Miles Trip
[31 Jul, 2008] comments (15)
An Arab decided to send his £190,000 ($378,000) black and gold Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 (the same model Batman drove in "The Dark Night") for oil check from Qatar to London. ...
Boy Escapes Alligator by Poking it in the Eye
[31 Jul, 2008] comments (1)
Boy Escapes Alligator by Poking it in the EyeAfter punching an alligator in the eye, an American boy managed to escape from the animal, though most of his arm was bitten off. ...
BBC Fined for Cheating Over TV Phone-ins
[30 Jul, 2008] comments (0)
The independent regulator and competition authority for the communication industries in the UK, Ofcom penalized the BBC with a record-high fine of ₤400,000 ($791,535) because the corporation faked winners and misled the television audience in several shows. ...
Total Solar Eclipse Starts August 1st 2008
[30 Jul, 2008] comments (1)
The phenomenon of total solar eclipse will occur on August 1st, 2008 at 6:09 pm China time on the territory close to the windswept high grasslands located northeast of a small village called Yiwu. ...
Russian Mini-Submarines Failed to Set World Record
[29 Jul, 2008] comments (0)
It was reported that Russian scientists did not settle a new world record for the deepest dive in fresh water. The two mini-submarines failed to reach the bottom of Lake Baikal. ...
Thief Disguised as the Joker Arrested for Stealing
[29 Jul, 2008] comments (2)
A man, dressed as the Joker, was arrested in Michigan for trying to steal posters, as well as some other items related to the movie "Batman: The Dark Night". ...
Beijing is Ready for Sex Tests for Olympic Athletes
[28 Jul, 2008] comments (1)
According to state media, Olympic specialists at Beijing set up a sex identification laboratory in order to check female Olympic athletes who are suspected to be males. ...
Police Officer Downgraded after Referring to BMWs as "Black Man's Wheels"
[28 Jul, 2008] comments (3)
Police officials said that a senior police officer was downgraded after saying that a BMW model car is "black man's wheels" ...
11 Japanese Arrested for Selling Child Pornography
[28 Jul, 2008] comments (0)
11 Japanese Arrested for Selling Child PornographyTokyo police managed to arrest 11 people, who were suspected of selling pornography. According to a police official, over 133,000 DVDs with pornographic content were confiscated, some of the disks containing child pornography ...
Air Force Missile Launch Officers Fell Asleep on Watch
[25 Jul, 2008] comments (2)
Three crew members of Air Force fell asleep, when holding classified launch code devices ...

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