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Child Molesting Grandfather Will Likely Die in Jail
[24 Jul, 2008] comments (2)
A grand father from Melbourne will most likely die in prison, being accused of 50 years of sexual abuse on his daughters, grandsons, nieces and nephews. ...
Over 3.2 Millions Experiments on Animals Performed Last Year
[22 Jul, 2008] comments (1)
Over 3.2 Millions Experiments on Animals Performed Last YearAccording to statistics, over 3.2 million experiments had been carried out by British scientists on dogs, cats, monkeys and other animals in 2007. ...
In Rage Teen Killed a Pedophile
[22 Jul, 2008] comments (1)
After years of being the victim of a convicted pedophile, a teenager treaded heavily, stabbed and strangled his abuser. ...
Woman Accused of Cutting Unborn Baby from Mother's Womb
[21 Jul, 2008] comments (6)
Woman Accused of Cutting Unborn Baby from Mother's WombA woman, who was dubbed "serial womb raider", has been arrested, after she cut a newborn baby from a mother and then claimed that she was the one to give birth to the baby. ...
Cheap Chargers - How Expensive Can That Be?
[19 Jul, 2008] comments (3)
Unsafe chargerThe UK is concerned of the fact that hundreds of thousands of chargers for mobile phones, games consoles, MP3 players and other mobile devices did not pass a proper safety test before being sold. ...
World's Oldest Blogger Wrote Her Last Post at the Age of 108
[15 Jul, 2008] comments (11)
A woman from Australia, who became very famous as the oldest blogger in the world, passed away at the age of 108. ...
Bloggers Face More Arrests
[18 Jun, 2008] comments (1)
With the growing number of people, writing about their views in a blog, the more arrests for exposing human rights abuses or government criticism are expected this year. ...
Children are Sexually Abused by Peacekeepers
[27 May, 2008] comments (2)
Children were sexually abused and exploited by peacekeepers and aid workers who were to protect them in post-conflict areas, UK charity organization reported ...
Ex-Chairman of Nintendo Officially Became Japan's Wealthiest Businessperson
[08 May, 2008] comments (1)
Hiroshi Yamauchi, who is also known as the ex-chairman of Nintendo, has officially been announced by the Forbes as Japan's richest man ...
Students Hack into School's Computer Systems to Change Their Grades
[04 May, 2008] comments (408)
Four high school students are charged of hacking into the Fort Bend Independent School District's computer network and altering grades for at least 60 students. ...
An eighth-grader boy charged of felony wanton endangerment
[21 Apr, 2008] comments (2)
An eighth-grader from Morton Middle School is accused in putting crumbled cookies, made of peanut butter, into the lunch box of another eight-grader, suffering from severe peanuts allergy. ...
Court to Consider Death Penalty for Child Sexual Abuse
[16 Apr, 2008] comments (36)
The Supreme Court is going to weigh the possibility of death penalty for child sexual crimes on Wednesday meeting ...
Global Food Crisis to Make 100 Million People Starve
[15 Apr, 2008] comments (6)
Rising food prices have caused rebellions in some developing countries and are likely to push more than 100 million people worldwide into deep poverty, according to World Bank President Robert Zoellick. ...
More than 400 Children Removed from Polygamist Sect
[08 Apr, 2008] comments (1)
Authorities have removed more than 400 children and women from the Texas polygamist compound under investigation of physical and sexual abuse ...
Anna Nicole Smith's Son Died of Drug Overdose, Jury said
[01 Apr, 2008] comments (1)
Daniel Smith, the son of a former Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith died of accidental drug overdose, an inquest jury in the Bahamas has ruled. ...

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