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InfoNIAC Announces a New Service


The support team of InfoNIAC community is proud to announce the creation of user's page. We would like to tell our visitors that from now on they are free to register in our community. It is a step forward to becoming closer to our visitors and to becoming more personal.

When users register they are provided with a series of additional possibilities that unregistered users won't be able to take advantage of.

Leaving comments is something everyone can do; moreover, everyone is welcome to do it. What registration offers at this point is something a user gets after leaving at least 20 comments on one or several news. All comments will be moderated; comments with off-topic, offensive or commercial content will be deleted (for more information on this, see our TERMS OF USE).

Thus, after you leave at least 20 comments, you will be authorized to submit your own news and articles and point to their sources via hyperlinks, if necessary.

Note that we do not support plagiarism in any form. If spotted, the author of the post will receive a warning, while his post will be deleted.

InfoNIAC also does not support spam. In order to filter spam posts (Terms of Use), we will use a two-warning system. It means that if a user was spotted posting spam or off-topic comments, posts, articles or news, he or she will receive a warning. In case the violation of the site's rules continues, the user will be excluded from the InfoNIAC community.

Message to our visitors:

The InfoNIAC team will continue working on further improvements of its community to bring our visitors the best improvements for a more comfortable web-surfing and news reading.

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Bets regards,

InfoNIAC Team.

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