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InfoNIAC Presents: The Best Invention of 2009


As you probably know (unless you haven't read previous monthly articles) the InfoNIAC team has been publishing monthly articles on latest inventions selected from our website. At the end of each month we published polls in which you voted for the invention you liked the most.

This article sums up all of the results from our polls and gives you the opportunity to select the best of the best. Here you can find the inventions that you, our users, voted as the most useful/inspiring/interesting etc throughout the 2009 (since July, to be precise). We welcome you to choose the best invention of 2009. Here you can vote for the best invention of 2009.

1. New Li-ion Storage Battery for House Use from Panasonic

2. Eco-friendly Battery that Powers Devices for 6,000 Hours

3. Software That Automatically Repairs the System Affected by Malware

4. Magnetically Levitating Sky Pods - the Next Urban Transport System

5. Liquid Condom Blocks HIV, Herpes, Papilloma Viruses

6. Synthetic Tree to Collect Huge Amounts of CO2

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