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InfoNIAC Presents: Top 10 Latest Inventions of November 2009


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"InfoNIAC Presents" features monthly articles in which you will find short descriptions of the top 10 latest inventions published on Below you can find the top 10 latest inventions described on our website in November 2009. You can also vote for your favorite invention.

1. Green Battery that Holds 6,000 Hours

This invention was developed by scientists from Technion - Israel Institute of Science. It powers devices using a non-polluting fuel source. Read more…

2. Spacesuit that Ideally Fits Everyone

Scientists from the University of Maryland in College Park are working on a special baggy space suit that ensures a perfect fit by contracting shortly after an astronaut stepped inside it. Read more…

3. Gibson Self-tuning Electric Guitar

The popular guitar maker developed an electric guitar that can tune up in about three seconds. The new guitar is called Dark Fire. Read more…

4. Brain Chip that Allows Controlling a PC

Intel believes that in the near future its clients will be able to operate a PC, TV and other device using the power of thought provided by the company's chip implanted into their brain. Read more…

5. Extra-Thin Solar Cells

Sanyo came up with is a solar cell that is thinner than a human hair (just 58 micrometers). It could be a great breakthrough in the field of green technology. Read more

6. Muscle Suit that Lifts Heavy Load

Presented at the Tokyo International Robot Exhibition 2009, this invention, developed by robotics specialists from Tokyo University of Science's Kobayashi laboratory was able to catch the attention by easily lifting a 50kg bag of rice. Read more…

7. Camera for the Blind

Developed by designer Nadeem Haidary, the new type of camera allows visually impaired to make photographs that are also accompanied by different sounds. The camera has a few more interesting features. Read more…

8.Small Robots Created to Monitor the Ocean

Researchers from the UC San Diego will soon launch several autonomous underwater explorers (AUE) that are expected to provide useful data regarding a number of factors like currents, temperature, salinity and pressure in the ocean. Read more…

9. Durable DVD Able to Last for 1,000 Years

Developed by CranBerry LLC, this new invention, according to the company, will last for 1,000 years. Dubbed DiamonDisc, the DVD features a diamond-like synthetic stone surface. Read more…

10. Spray-on Solar Ink

This interesting invention was developed by researchers from the University of Texas, Austin. If it hits the stores, the spray-on solar ink could provide a serious competition to other products in the field, like silicon solar cell, due to its low production cost. Read more…

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