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InfoNIAC Presents: Top 6 Latest Inventions of August 2009


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"InfoNIAC Presents" is our new section in which we bring you the top 10 latest inventions selected from www.InfoNIAC.com each month.

Hello again. Since we've been on an almost two-week vacation, the number of latest inventions we described in August was somewhat lower compared to July, for example, which is why we present you the top 6 latest inventions selected from a list of stories published on www.InfoNIAC.com in August. Hope you enjoy; and in case you liked one invention more than other, than vote for it (you will find the link to the poll at the bottom of this article). Here we go:

1. Green Vehicle Controlled by Computer

British engineers launched these driverless vehicles at Heathrow Airport. The personal driving pods transport people to any destination selected on the vehicle's touchscreen. The goal of these vehicles is to reduce overcrowding, plus they have zero emissions. Read more…

2. Vaginal Liquid Condom That Blocks Different Viruses

This invention can block semen and all types of viruses that the semen can contain, including HIV, herpes virus and papilloma virus. Before coming into contact with semen that condom has a liquid form; when it catches semen the condom becomes solid, thus it is both protectant and contraceptive. Read more…

3. Hologram Projector That Makes it Possible to Feel a Hologram

Developed by researchers from the University of Tokyo, the hologram projector allows users to touch a hologram with their bare hands. The invention was dubbed Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display. It uses acoustic radiation pressure, which produces a pressure feeling on an individual's hands identified by two Nintendo Wiimotes. Read more…

4. New Generation Wave Power System

This invention was developed by an Edinburg-based company called Aquamarine Power. The company claims that Oyster is a new type of wave power system, featuring an easy-to-sustain on-shore base. The system is more reliable thanks to its ability to work at shallow depths. Aquamarine Power says that its system can produce from 300 to 600kw of electricity, thus, using 10 Oysters, a commercial farm will be able to power 3,000 homes. Read more…

5. Hybrid Assistive Limb - Robot Suit for Disabled

Surely the number one country in the field of robotics is Japan. This particular robotic suit was developed for people with disabilities. Cyberdyne Corporation is the company behind this invention. It says that the HAL was created to improve the physical abilities of human body. Read more…

6. Smallest Medical Video Camera in the World

This invention was developed by Medigus, the maker of medical devices, and Tower Semiconductor, company that specializes in CMOS image sensors. The two companies claim they managed to develop the smallest video camera that could be widely used in medicine. It can be incorporated in disposable endoscopes or used for diagnostic and surgical purposes, being able to perform procedures that up till now were impossible. Read more…

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