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Lamborghini Sent for Oil Check from Qatar to London - a 6,500 Miles Trip


An Arab decided to send his £190,000 ($378,000) black and gold Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 (the same model Batman drove in "The Dark Night") for oil check from Qatar to London. While in Great Britain the car was clear at customs and then was driven on the back of the lorry to experts in mechanics in the country's capital.

The car was sent on Friday and on Monday the man's Lamborghini returned to Qatar. For having his car repaired by an approved dealer, the man paid £3,552 ($7,060), but for the flight trip he paid a £20,000 ($39,754) bill.

The environmentalists criticized the decision to fly the car 3,250 miles to London. Jenny Evans, a representative of a pressure group called "Plane Stupid" said: "I am horrified ... It is another example of how rich people exploit and pollute the planet."

In a response, David Price, car enthusiast who represents the Lamborghini Club UK, outlined that car owners have every right to get the needed service for their vehicles.

"Thankfully the age of excess in some areas continues," Mr Price told the Sun newspaper.

According to a spokeswoman for the Italian carmaker, though Lamborghini has a network of authorized dealers worldwide, the car service in London has the highest reputation.

"This sort of thing is not unheard of," she added.

Source: Daily Mail

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