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Lord Auctions Title and Assets on eBay


Businessman David Piper, 58, is also the Lord of the mansion of Warleigh, which is next to Plymouth, Devon. The entrepreneur has calculated the whole package and figured out it is worth £6 million ($9,281,890). Yesterday the bids on eBay reached only £10,000 ($15,474) and currently the bid is £350,200 ($541,556).

He became famous after placing in 2002 a lonely heart advertisement, published in the International Herald Tribune. Back then Mr Piper wrote that he was in search of a soulmate with a sense of humor. The outcome went beyond all expectations - 2,000 replies from all over the world and till now he still maintains connections with some of the women he got acknowledged to and he is willing to introduce the potential purchaser to these ladies.

The reason for selling his lifestyle on eBay is the diagnosis that doctors gave him. Mr Piper has prostate cancer and he decided to move to London, closer to his children. There Mr Piper will be treated at the University College Hospital.

The auction also includes 6 acres of land found at Great Warleigh Farm, Tamerton Foliot, close to Plymouth. In addition, Mr Piper mentioned that he looks forward to sell his family trust's collection, which includes 140 items of modern art.

At the auction he also expects to sell a "waterside residence", a nine-bedroom hotel located in Plymouth Hoe. The residence includes 9 en suite rooms, a 42-foot sitting room with beautiful views at the Channel and a 42-foot dining room.

The twice divorced, the ma is the father of four. He mentioned that the "waterside residence" could serve as a waterfront hotel or used as a residence for a gentleman. Mr Piper also hopes to sell his two Bentleys: 1994 Bentley Brooklands and 2006 Bentley Continental.

"I have a lot of assets but I am impoverished. I have no money and I owe a lot of money," he said. Mr Piper needs to raise not less than £3 million ($4,637,700) due to the fact that he owes about £2.3 ($3,555,600) million that he borrowed in order to renovate two hotels located in Plymouth.

According to the advertisement of Mr Piper on eBay, he was ready to introduce the buyer of the manorial title to several "potential ladies" (his ex-girlfriends) as part of the agreement.

"I am hoping to sell my entire life and lifestyle to one buyer if they have the money. It is all there, the property, the brace of Bentleys, the paintings the businesses and the books. If a suitable person buys the title and wants to meet some of the ladies who contacted me then I will speak to them and pass on their details if they agree. I had more than 1,000 replies from all around the world and I am still getting offers so whoever buys the title may get a Lady of the Manor thrown in."

"One of my daughters helped me put everything on eBay but I will only go down that route if the right offer comes along. I am selling everything as a package but I am willing to talk to anyone about selling the title or the cars or the property. The hotels and the cafe are all closed at the moment because I am not well enough to run them and I am going backwards and forwards to London for treatment," said Mr Piper.

In case there will be no one to offer an acceptable bid he will begin selling all of his assets in a more conventional way.


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