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Man Stabbed Woman after Failing to Make up on TV Show


A 30-year old Spanish man from Alicante invited his Russian ex-girlfriend to make up on a popular Spanish TV show last Wednesday. The "Patricia's Diary" TV show is broadcast once a week on the "Antenna-3" channel and is dedicated to family relationships.

According to the newspaper, the man asked the host of the show, Patricia Gastanaga, to use the public and persuade his ex-girlfriend to make up with him in public. However, the woman rejected all of his make up requests.

On Sunday, November 18th, the man waited for the woman on the Saint Teresa square, near her home, where she lived with her 2-year old daughter. After a verbal fight, the man stabbed her with a knife in the neck.

The 30-year old woman was brought to the University Hospital in Alicante, where she died on the next morning.

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//1 Nov 30, 2009 03:06 PM | posted by: mrexcellent [InfoMANIAC]
I don't understand, why showing off one's relationship on a TV show has become so popular these days!?

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