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Most Active User Contest


Discover, share, comment, analyze and discuss with us on a variety of interesting, intriguing and shocking news. A lot of fascinating and crazy stuff is going on in the world today and we welcome you to write stories you think are worth sharing. Besides discovering and sharing, you automatically take part in a contest to win a genuine MacBook.

I. What About the Contest?

Most Active User Contest is a contest of skill. All of you out there: bloggers, developers, designers, enthusiasts and professionals, students and teachers from around the globe can show how well you are informed, how creative and enthusiastic you are. Write what you consider to be interesting (news, articles, opinions etc.)

The contest starts on June 15, 2009, 00:00 and ends on March 1, 2010, 23:59. On June 15, 2009, all points of all currently registered users will be zeroed and the contest will start with every participant having 0 (zero) points.

This is what you can do on Infoniac.com:

  • 1. Write news, articles, analyses etc.
  • 2. Leave comments;
  • 3. Participate in discussions;
  • 4. Vote for stories.

How to SUBMIT stories

To be able to submit stories on InfoNIAC.com you have to write at least 20 comments (whethere on one of several other news and stories on our website). It is impotant that comments are on the subject and do not violate the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of InfoNIAC.com.

For everything you do, you get points. You can check out how many points you gathered on your personal page on the website. In order to have a personal page on our website, you have to register. The most active user is the one, who manages to accumulate the highest number of points by the end of the contest.

The first ten most active users will be awarded.

Here's how you get points:

1 story (news, article) = 1 point

1 vote for your story (news, article) = 1 point

1 comment = 0.2 point

1 discussion statement = 1 comment = 0.2 point

1 vote for your comment = 0.2 points

10 pages viewed in 24 hours = 0.2 points

II. What About the Prizes?

Ten most active users will receive the following prizes:

  • 1. Macbook
  • 2. Sony Vaio
  • 3. Samsung NP-R510
  • 4. iPhone
  • 5. HTC Touch Diamond
  • 6. Nokia N-95
  • 7. Samsung F700
  • 8. iPod Classic
  • 9. iPod Nano 16GB
  • 10. iPod Nano 8GB

We will announce the winners and the prizes they won a few days later on the website's home page. The winners will also be notified by e-mail.

Anyone, from anywhere around the globe can take part in the contest.

III. Anything else?

* Infoniac.com reserves the right to cancel the contest at any time for any reason.

* Infoniac.com reserves the right to disqualify any participant for any reason. The disqualified participant will be notified by e-mail about the violations that led to the ban.

* Before posting your stories we advise you to check out our terms of use. Please mind that we respect intellectual property, so we will not accept stories (news, articles) copied from other sites, but we do accept imagination and creativity. Whenever a story proves to be copied from another site, the user, who posted it, will get a permanent ban from participating in the contest and the story will be deleted.

* Winners of the contest assume all liability for any injury or damage caused, or claimed to be caused, from participation in this contest or use/acceptance of any prize.

Feel free to register and participate in the contest for the most active user.

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