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Most Popular Google Searches in 2008


The end of 2008 is near and Google decided to study and present the most popular searches that billions of people typed into the search box of the number one search engine.

1. Fox's "American Idol," proved to be the most popular TV show on the Internet in 2008. It hit number one spot as the most popular reality show on Google. Number two was "Lost," and "Saturday Night Live" took the bronze, followed by "Big Brother" and "Dancing With the Stars" that were also included the list of the most popular TV shows on Google.

2. It seems like people became fond of ice cream, since it was the most popular comfort food search on Google. The second was chile and third most popular food on Google was spaghetti.

3. The most searched cocktail this year was martini, followed by the mojito and the margarita.

4. The song "With You" sang by the international pop singer Chris Brown was among the top 10 on Billboard and as for Google, the lyrics for the song were the most searched on the search engine, followed by "My Life" sang by Lil Wayne and Sara Bareilles' "Love Song."

5. The most searched-for book on Google this year was Stephanie Meyer's "Breaking Dawn," being the final book from the "Twilight" series. Her other two books, entitled "Twilight" and "New Moon" were also among the most popular on Google, with "Twilight" placed second and "New Moon" fifth.

6. The most popular superhero on Google was undoubtedly the "Dark Knight." Shortly after the movie opened in July, the word "Batman" became one of the most popular searches on the Internet.

7. No doubt that everyone loves a good struggle and according to Google, number one struggle this year was the Red River Shootout between the University of Texas Longhorns and the University of Oklahoma Sooners. The most sought-for competition in 2008 was the "Red River Rivalry."

8. Among the most-searched-for Olympic Games sports in 2008 was gymnastics. There should be no surprise with all the young Chinese gymnasts taking nearly all gold medals and the scandal about their age. Gymnastics was followed by swimming (with 8 gold medals collected by Michael Phelps), soccer, tennis and basketball.

9. The most searched concert tickets on Google were those linked to a young band entitled The Jonas Brothers. Second came Coldplay and Hannah Montana was third.

10. A lot of big names from show biz this year broke apart and/or got together, but according to Google the most shocking was the breakup of Hugh Hefner and Holly Madison, which hit the top list in the category of the most searched breakup in 2008.

11. The list of most-searched-for social networks in 2008 on Google was headed by Facebook, which surpassed MySpace and LinkedIn. In addition, Facebook proved to be the quickest-rising general term in the United States.

12. A man known as Joe Wurzelbacher became popular thanks to John McCain and his presidential campaign. The term "Joe the Plummer" hit the top in the list of the most popular campaign buzzwords on Google. Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers were the names that also featured in the top ten along with such popular phrases used in the presidential campaign as: "Yes We Can," "Lipstick on a Pig" and "Maverick."

13. Overnight Sarah Palin became one of the most popular names in the United States. As a result she hit the number one spot on Google as the most searched person online. "Sarah Palin" was the most popular searched term on Google Images this year.

14. Surely Google simply could not pass by the President-elect Barack Obama. It may be an axiom that the one who is elected the President of the United States becomes the most popular person on the Internet. In 2008 "Barack Obama" was a term that registered the most impressive result on Google this year, overcoming the "iPhone" (4th), "YouTube" (5th), "Palin" (7th) and "surf the channel" (10th) - term that leads users to a video indexing website.

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