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North Korean Spy Used Sex as a Tool


A woman from North Korea has been accused of spying in South Korea. The espionage case is considered sensational with sex and poisoned needles as the main weapons. Won Jeong Hwa was sentenced to five years in jail.

The spy was caught in July and was accused of transferring secret data to the Northern part. The information included secret location of the main military installations, the names of North Korean defectors and personal data of military officers from South Korea.

According to the prosecutors, the North Korean spy used sex as the main instrument in her missions. She dated an army officer from South Korea, whom she persuaded to work for her. The investigators added that Won attempted to assassinate several South Korean intelligence agents using poisoned needle, but failed to accomplish her mission.

A court official, whose name was not revealed due to the fact that he was not authorized to give any comments to the media, said that the Suwon District Court, south of Seoul, brought the demand of the prosecutors to life, sentencing the woman to five years in prison.

It is worth mentioning that Won is the second spy from North Korean arrested in South Korea for the last ten years. Because of movie-like details, media paid a lot of attention to the case, several newspapers calling Won Korea's Mata Hari, who was a dancer-turned-spy during the World War I.

No doubt that this case tensed the already troubled relations of South Korea with North Korea, especially when the Northern part continues to accuse South Korea of falsification of cases involving spies, claiming that South Korea looks forward to dishonor Pyongyang's image.

Source: CNN

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