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Parachute-jumpers Conquer Everest


Finally the first parachute jump over Mount Everest has been made. After so many years of preparation participants fulfilled their dream and organizers admired an amazing spectacle.

The Everest region attracted about 32 skydivers from all over the world to jump flying 142 meters higher than the Everest peak. Wendy Smith, Holly Budge and Neil Jones were those who made the first jump that had never been tried before. Their parachutes were larger than the ordinary ones which gave them the possibility to float over the mountain and land on a prepared zone. They all had to use oxygen masks as they passed through the highest drop zone of the world.

Krishna Aryal, an official of the Explore Himalaya, said that their freefall lasted for about half a minute before their canopies opened. No doubt the participants will remember that jump as a unique experience. Wendy Smith said that he had never seen so many mountains before. The feeling of being on top of the world cannot be compared to anything.

Still the conquest of Everest continues and organizers are looking forward to more breath-taking jumps.

Source: Reuters
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