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Paris Tops the List of World's Best Cities


Paris was recently voted as the most interesting city in a global survey of 10,000 people from 20 countries. It is worth mentioning that the Anholt-GfK Roper City Brands IndexSM (CBI), compares different cities to brands and estimates consumer's perception about the brands and the reputation of 50 most popular cities around the globe.

The list of city brands is topped by Paris, followed by Sydney, which was recently marked as the friendliest city, London, Rome and New York.

In a statement, the founder of CBI, Simon Anholt, said: "The index measures the world's perception of each city, which influences people's choices on where to live, work and vacation".

He mentioned that during the time when the world faces a global economic crisis, when the economic climate remains uncertain, it is important to be aware of the forces and opinions that push business toward these cities or keep it away from them.

During the survey participants were asked to position 50 cities according to 6 categories, including: "presence" or awareness of the city and its global involvement; "place" or the city's cleanliness and climate; "pulse" or attractive lifestyles and "potential" or a favorable place for doing business, finding a job and attending to school.

Some of the cities were very strong in some categories but showed poor results in others. For example, London is not the first in the list though it was rated as the most favorable city for doing business.

The bottom of the list featured the Saudi port city of Jeddah, which was voted the least-known, India's Mumbai, the least clean city and Cairo, Egypt, rated as the home of the world's unfriendliest people.

Here is the list of the top 10 best cities of 2009:

1. Paris

2. Sydney

3. London

4. Rome

5. New Yorkv

6. Barcelona

7. San Francisco

8. Los Angeles

9. Vienna

10. Madrid

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