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Pavarotti's Heirs Inherit an 18 million Euro Debt


After the legend of the Italian opera, Lucciano Pavarotti, passed away on 6th September this year, his heirs inherited all of his debts, which count about 18 million Euro ($25,74 million). Pavarotti's accounts go into minus 11 million Euro ($15,73 million) and plus 7 million Euro ($10,01 million) loans, as reported Italian newspaper La Republica.

Giorgio Bernini, councillor of maestro's second wife Nicoletta Montovani, said that everyone knew about Pavarotti's debts, it was never kept a secret. He spent much time in hospitals during the last years of his life and the bills for hospitalisation were not among the cheapest, said Mr. Bernini.

Mrs. Montovani, along with her daughter Alisa, has a chance to benefit from a fund, created by Pavarotti. This was also one of the conditions, mentioned in maestro's last wish, written on 29th of July this year. According to that document, Pavarotti's wife will inherit all of his property in the USA, which counts three apartments and a few original paintings, including one of Henry Matisse. The value of the mentioned property is estimated at about 15 million Euro ($21,45 million).

According to the same newspaper - La Republica - the three Pavarotti's daughters from the first marriage will not have access to the fund, raised by maestro, yet they will inherit his villa in Pesaro on the Adriatic coast of Italy and an apartment in Monet-Carlo, which is to be shared with Mrs. Montovani.

Many in Italy are already making themselves ready for a court scandal, since the list of Pavarotti's property, which is likely to be incomplete, combined with his debts has all the chances to make the heirs to go to court indeed.

After the death of the Italian opera singer the local press mentioned a sum of 30 ($42,9) to 200 ($283) million Euro, which was to be inherited by his next of kin, yet no debts were mentioned then.

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