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Russian Fighters Will Show Wonders at MAKS-2007 Air Show


Russian jet fighter Su-35Today, on August 21st, starts the 8th International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2007, which is one of the major opportunities for companies from all around the world to get acquainted with the novelties of the aviation and space industry. This air show features over 200 aircrafts representing manufacturers from over 100 countries.

The star of the show is expected to be one of the newest Russian jet fighter Su-35, which will, unfortunately, never take off during the exhibition, because this particular aircraft was brought to the show directly from the factory and the pilots did not manage to take a test flight. It is worth mentioning that the Su-35 have already been shipped to Russian air forces.

Since the aviation show is housed by a Russian airfield, Russian fighters will get the most attention too. Along with the upper mentioned Su-35 from the Sukhoi Construction Bureau, another Russian aircraft factory MiG, will present its novelty MiG-35. Rumor has it that this aircraft can do miracles while off the ground. Even the pilot was impressed by the possibilities of MiG-35.

This aircraft could be called one of the most modern existing jet fighters: its engines are smokeless, it has a glass cockpit and a modern digital remote control system.

Russian aviation will be represented by about 20 military airplanes and helicopters, such as Tu-160, Tu-95MS, Yak-130, Su-34, Mi-28, Ka-50. The US air forces is expected to bring to the air show an F16 and three F15s and a B52 bomber.

MAKS authorities said that the air show would feature not only newest aircrafts, but also some old and ex top-secret developments, one of such being the Soviet "Meteor" cruise missile. This weapon was being developed back in the 80's, yet it was never shipped to the military. There were many rumors about this missile, yet it would be revealed only at MAKS-2007.

MAKS visitors will admire the wonders of the flying craft on the ground and will see what these machines are capable of in the air, since only the best flying teams from all over the world will show their flying abilities and the abilities of their jets.

The initial three days of the exhibition are closed to the public, as they are reserved for a business program. However, on Friday and all the weekend everyone will be able to come to the Zhukovsky airfield to admire the air show. Over half a million visitors are expected, thus over 3,000 people ensuring the security of the event.

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