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Russian Mini-Submarines Failed to Set World Record


It was reported that Russian scientists did not settle a new world record for the deepest dive in fresh water. The two mini-submarines failed to reach the bottom of Lake Baikal.

"There was no record," the leader of the expedition, Artur Chilingarov, told reporters. "We'll try again," he added.

The first capsule, called Mir-1 went down to 1,580 meters (5,184 feet), thus contradicting earlier the claims regarding the fact that the mini-submarine went down to 1,680 meters.

It's worth mentioning that currently the world record in 1,637 meters, which was set in the 1990s.

Earlier one of the crew members and the representative of Guinness World Records in Russian Federation both stated that the submarines managed to break the world record.

Source: AFP

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