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Spain Workers Smashed Madrid Hotel to Relieve Stress


More than 40 stressed-out workers had an opportunity to hammer Madrid Hotel and blow off steam before it will be renovated.

Forty bankers, teachers and other workers were selected from more than 1000 volunteers who had written to the owners of NH hotels describing stressfulness of their lives before the wrecking team was assembled.

But first, 100 finalists had to perform a psychological test, where they had a chance to give an outlet to their negative emotions and beat the life-size puppet of a boss.

The destruction event of one of the old parts of the Madrid hotels attracted a great number of photographers and journalists. Free to do nearly anything, volunteers soon become more than elated, running from one room to another, with the hammers in their hands smashing TV sets, walls, and mirrors. The amazed reporters gathered at the doorways, watching the furious workers relieving their frustration.

An Argentinian teacher, Pablo Varela, 30, was one of the lucky participants to have big stress therapy, was wrecking a marble basin and smashing the bathroom partitions to the floor. When the destruction process was over he felt "happy and exhausted". He said that once a month of such stress-relief therapy would keep his classroom from trouble.

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