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Survey Shows the Most Boring, Dirty and Expensive Cities in Europe


The website TripAdvisor recently carried out a survey of 2,400 travelers who were asked to tell what they think of some of the European cities.

The results of the survey show that London has the worst food and was also voted as the dirtiest city in Europe, Paris was found to be the most overrated and Brussels was in fact the most boring.

According to the online poll, the capital of UK was the most expensive city in Europe and a place of the most depressed people. The other very popular tourist destination, Paris, was characterized as being the least friendly and second-most expensive city in Europe.

At the same time the two cities received a number of positive votes: Paris was appreciated for its cuisine, considered to be the best in Europe, and its well-dressed citizens; London, in its turn, was valued for having the best nightlife, best public parks and a good number of free attractions.

"Europe's capital cities all have their highs and lows, but no other continent offers travellers' such a wealth of culture and sights within such short distances," outlined TripAdvisor spokesman Luke Fredberg.

The list also includes Venice, which was seen as the most romantic city, but at the same time it came third, after London and Paris, as the most expensive city in Europe.

Dublin was voted as the friendliest city, while Copenhagen, Denmark, was the cleanest. Tourists, who wish to visit Europe's best bargain destination, should choose Prague.

Barcelona, Spain, was seen the city with the best architecture on the continent, while Warsaw, Poland, was voted as having the worst architecture.

Travelers picked Brussels as the most boring destination in Europe, followed by Zurich.

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