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The Best Apocalypse Scenarios


There have been made a lot of apocalyptic suppositions by now, such as: the disappearance of the planet and the destruction of our Universe, traveling by time machine, the so-called "black holes" swallowing people and so on. The top 10 of the best apocalyptic scenarios were recently published on

Atomic bomb.

History says that before the first atomic bomb, used on 16th of July 1945, there was a rumor spread among the physics of Manhattan, according to which the nuclear reaction could burn out the whole atmosphere.

The 2000th year computer mistake.

The night of 31st of December 1999 was predicted to be a night when the whole humanity would be buried into a total chaos. It was expected that as soon as midnight comes, computers directing everything – beginning with banks and finishing with stations – would decide that instead of the year 2000 the year 1900 has come, thus burying the industrialized world into chaos.


Another scenario – humanity dying of a certain virus, a scenario used as a rule in a lot of movies describing world catastrophes.

Collision with an asteroid.

Another popular scenario in the movie industry. Specialists all over the world are constantly making the lists of asteroids threatening Earth.

Nuclear destruction.

That is the direct destruction of humanity as a result of a military conflict.

Global warming.

Lately, scientists frighten people with global warming. According to this scenario, in a distant future people will lose all natural resources, there will be starvations, epidemics and endless wars for the few resources left.


A scenario of apocalypse for a very distant future. In some billions of years our Sun will become a red colossus and Earth will be destroyed. Some scientists consider that there can exist endless numbers of rational civilizations in our Universe. It is also assumed they can visit Earth one day to conquer it or to make cruel experiments on its inhabitants.

Rising of the machines.

It is said that in the future robots will become smart enough to act by themselves – and that includes destroying the world and killing people.

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