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The Biggest LED Project in the World Presented in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi has recently witnessed the presentation of the world's biggest LED project that was created by specialists from Asymptote Architecture who worked in collaboration with Arup that developed the lighting design.

The largest LED project on the planet is called The Yas Hotel. The hotel is covered with a luminous shell that consists of over 5,300 diamond-shaped panels enriched with more than 5,000 LED fixtures.

Besides being able to shine with a wide range of colors, the light field can also provide high-resolution 3D videos.

It is worth mentioning that the new Yas Hotel, which is composed of two 12-story structures, includes 500 rooms and covers a total area of 85,000 square meters. Though the hotel might look impressive, some might consider that 5,000 LEDs is just too much and could really disturb the sleep of some guests.

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