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The World's Oldest Woman Dies at Age 117


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A Russian woman who was claimed to be the oldest living person on earth died at the age of 117. Varvara Semennikova, who lived in a small village in northwest Yakutia, Russia, was the oldest woman in Russia and claimed to be the oldest person in the world since August 2007.

She was born in 1890 and would have marked her 118 birthday in May, 2008. The date of her birth was found in a register book in the Church of the Savior. However, her age was not verified in the Guinness World Record Book.

Varvara Semennikova was an Evenk woman born in a nomadic family who were hunting and deer farming. The oldest Russian woman was married twice and she was 27 years older than her first husband. All of her children died, that's why she adopted three more children from whom she was having dozens of grandchildren and great grandchildren.

The centenarian woman enjoyed good meal and would eat a boiled meat, bread and butter and tea for dinner. She had a good memory, although her hearing and eyesight worsened.

Yakutia, the north region of Russia is famous for its centenarians with 254 people aged over 80 and 55 over 100. The overall population of this region is 950,000 people. In spite of the cold winters, lack of vitamins and poor diet, Yakutian people are on the second place among centenarians in Russia.

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