Tuesday, 29 Jul, 2008 Current Events

Thief Disguised as the Joker Arrested for Stealing


A man was arrested in Michigan for trying to steal posters, as well as some other items related to the movie "Batman: The Dark Night".

The police arrested the 20-year-old Spencer Taylor when he attempted to steal items related to new Batman movie from a cinema lobby being disguised as the Joker.

Three Rivers Detective, Mike Mohney, outlined that he expects Taylor to be charged with theft and malevolent destruction of property.

Detective Mohney said that early July 28 police officers were informed about the thief who entered the Three Rivers 6 theatre. When arrived police found theatre's employees holding back a man in a purple suit, green wig and face paint, resembling Batman's enemy from "The Dark Night".

Spencer Taylor will hear his sentence on August 5 in St Joseph County District Court.

Source: Associated Press

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