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Top 10 Latest Inventions of June 2010


1. First Interactive Film

The horror movie entitled Last Call was presented by 13th Street, a horror channel that runs in Germany. The viewer receives a call on their cell phone from the main character of the movie and the goal is to guide the character through different rooms, telling her where to go and what to do. Read more …

2. Supersonic Green Aircraft

Designed by specialists from NASA and Lockheed Martin Corporation, the eco-friendly aircraft, dubbed Supersonic Green Machine, is energy efficient and is able to considerably cut noise pollution produced by a sonic boom. Read more …

3. Humanoid Robot from Hitachi

This latest invention from the Japanese corporation can be used as a security guard, a tour guide or play the role of a receptionist. The company entitled its creation EMIEW2. Read more …

4. System That Uses Dog Poop to Generate Electricity

Matthew Mazzotta designed a system that, when incorporated in a park, uses dog poop to produce electricity to power the park. The system is called Park Spark Project. Read more …

5. Air Conditioner Powered by Solar Energy

This air conditioner was developed by LG Electronics. The company claims that its device is the world's first solar powered conditioner. It is worth mentioning that the gadget uses a solar cell module installed on the top of the air conditioning unit that is found outdoors. Read more …

6. Air Filter That Generates O2 for the Wearer and CO2 for Power

The device called W/Air is a wearable gadget able to filter the air, offering oxygen for the user and using carbon dioxide to produce power for different portable devices. Read more …

7. Thin Piezoelectric Waterproof Speaker

Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is the company that came up with this latest invention. Its ultra-thin waterproof speaker can be used in a variety of portable devices, especially cell phones. The speaker is 0.9mm thick. Read more …

8. 3D Holographic Display Allows Viewing from All Angles

Unveiled at Computex 2010 by Inno Vision, the device represents a holographic display that allows you to watch clips from various angles. Read more …

9. Remote-Controlled Robo-Fish Guiding Fish from Polluted Areas

This robot was invented by Maurizio Porfiri, who has the goal of helping some species of fish get away from different polluted areas in the sea. His remote-controlled robotic fish copies the movements of real fish. The real fish, after seeing the machine, follows it, thus getting away from dangerous areas. Read more …

10. Virtual Pottery Wheel Allows Making Real Pottery

Unfold is a company from Belgium that came up with this invention. Dubbed "L'Artisan Electronique" ("The Electronic Artisan), the device has a laser scanner and an open-source 3D printer. First users create a virtual model of a vase, for example, and then print out the real thing. Read more …

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well i think that we need more details of things and needs easiear to understand
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well i think that we need more details of things and needs easiear to understand
so writing should be moderate not tooo hard

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